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Our Company

Nutritech Asia Group is backed-up by 20-years’ experience based in China to offering quality raw materials and contract manufacturing service for global customers of dietary supplement products.


We are located in Shenzhen, a modern dynamic city with nearby ports and airports to Hongkong, providing very convenient public transportation and global logistics control facilities. Nutritech Asia may offer our international clients a most comfortable gate access to China for their need of one stop of contract manufacturing outsourcing service for OTC vitamin and dietary supplement products of most cost-effective solution and high quality stardards.


Nutritech Aisa , as a division of Honson Pharmatech Group, located in Toronto Canada ( has been operating formerly as Ingredient China Group (ICG) (  in 2003 in Shenzhen, China when we started supplying herbal extracts and raw materials for vitamin and nutrition from China to global customers.  Soon Nutritech has been built to meet our client needs for one-stop service from raw materials to finished products, a most valued added turn-key solution.


Nutritech is consist of a group of pharmaceutical professionals who understand well international regulatory and GMP standards from the West and China.  Our Chief Scientific Adviser, Dr. Peter Ou, ( Ph.D. Pharm, UCL) , was formerly graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Science ( Guangzhou, China) for MSc (Toxicology) and later obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology from University College London (UCL, UK, 1993 to 1996). Dr. Ou has served as a research follow for pharmaceutical companies and Institutes both in China and Europe for over 25 years.


Today, Nutritech is well equipped with the people and one-stop manufacturing facilities, experience and all infrastructure to have successfully helped many local and global clients to develop their brands of health supplements products.

Founder & Strength

Founder and CEO, Dr. Peter Ou obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology from University of London (UCL, UK). As a pharmaceutical and medical scientist, Dr. Ou interests and passions lead him to found Nutritech Asia LTD, specializing first in raw ingredients procurement in 1995 and growing over the years into a private label contract manufacturer. Specializing in R&D product development for private labels.  Dr. Ou has been leading his Nutritech scientific team to have successfully helped many local and global clients to develop and launch successful brands and formulas of health supplements across the globe.

Dr Peter Ou,  Ph.D.

( Pharm, UCL, UK)

Why Nutritech Asia

When our overseas customer want to outsource this private label from China, besides they
understand it would offer a cost competitive advantage, would always ask

 • How to guaranteed the product quality that would comply to the international standards

 • What is GMP manufacturing facilities and standard in China

 • How to offer the service to meet overseas country for their products registration need

 • Any problem in customer service and language or communication

By near 20 years of experience of serving our international clients, Nutritech would answer the questions by its commitment to customer satisfactory.

To meet the demand of most cost-effective and high level of quality product and service, Nutritech has built up a strong team and strategic partners of manufacturing and R&D facilities both in China and Canada. Our Canadian facilities would provide the technical and regulatory supports to our alliance of manufacturers in China , to ensure to offer to our clients of a higher level of quality products at competitive prices.


Nutritech treats each new opportunity as a chance to create a partnership, where we strive to help our customers develop and produce both pre-approved and original formulas. Our professional team of scientists, laboratory technicians, purchasing team, graphic designers and Customer Relationship Executives work together to produce innovative natural health products with the highest quality ingredients and formulas to meet regulatory requirements and label claims.

Founded, grown and operated both in China and Canada for nearly 20 years of being the Honson Group company, Nutritech has shown itself to be a well professional competitive source of contract manufacturer who has equipped with advanced manufacturing, direct raw materials supplies and packaging capacities of  multiple dosage forms of dietary supplement and nutraceutical products including softgels, tablets, capsules, liquids and powder.


Nutritech answers a distinct need in the marketplace for a manufacturer that could guarantee quality of the ingredient sources and offer one-stop-shop service from raw material supplies, product development, manufacturing and packaging that may offer our service of drastically reducing costs, processes efficiency and shorter lead times for our customers.

In addition, we have an in-house regulatory consultant that can guide you through formulations and labelling requirements for international regulations and submissions. Every detail of your project will be reviewed and dealt with the utmost detail and efficiency so you can go to market with peace of mind.


Today, at the rapidly growing demand for high quality products and challenging regulatory environment, any contact manufacturer are required with more professional knowledge and R&D  experience as well as innovative technologies. We, at Nutritech, should be a strong and reliable service provider and partner for those who are committed to their brands success of natural health products.

Our Mission

Nutritech’s mission is to build and strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, by providing the highest quality ingredients, innovative technologies and formulations, great lead times and competitive pricing. Our client’s product brand success is our success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first and foremost a trusted  China private label contract manufacturer for natural health supplements. We aim to lead the industry with innovative technologies, one-stop solution of manufacturing, creative packaging and exceptional customer service.


True strength and growth comes from collaborative partnerships and having mutual respect to bring out the best outcomes for all involved.


We aim to exceed our industry and customer standards through quality, transparency and confidentiality.


our in-house raw materials, fully dosage manufacturing and packaging facilities and in-house testing lab, design & marketing and regulatory support team, may offer most cost-effective one-stop solution for mutually benefits to our clients.


Our raw ingredients is the key towards improved health for end users and our clients. We are committed to manufacturing and packaging only natural products in our facilities.


Innovation is top priority when helping our partners launch new products or grow your brand to stay a leader in the marketplace of your regions.

Our Values