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Premix is made by uniformly mixing one or more trace ingredients like various trace mineral elements, various vitamins, synthetic amino acids, plant extract, certain drugs additive, etc. with thinner or carrier in certain ratio. It is an osculant compound feeds. We can also make the premix according to customers' demands.

Nutritech Capacity


With capabilities like ours we can make your order happen. We offer pilot and large-scale production of softgels, softgel enteric coating, tablets, hard capsules, powder mixing, liquid filling, and solid dose and blister packaging.

Contract Manufacturing


Nutritech Asia Ltd. is a one-stop shop for all your manufacturing and production needs, from formulation to NPN applications, label design to production and shipping. Our facilities are GMP certified and we use in-house and third party laboratories to test all products to ensure safety and quality.

Quality and Customer Service


Our customer relationship agents are available to answer any questions about your order. Our production and manufacturing teams document all steps from formula to packaging to ensure the highest standards of care and traceability are reached.

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