Contract Manufacturing capacity & Service

Nutritech’s facilities are GMP compliant and audited and certified by third parties.  Each step of the process is carefully monitored, operated and recorded by a pharma-designed ERP system. Documentation includes certificate of origin and analysis of the raw materials, before, during and post-production analytical tests, as well as independent testing from third party laboratories.





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One Stop Cost Effective Service

Nutritech has equipped with advanced and comprehensive manufacturing and packaging capacities in a Pharma-designed GMP facilities and working environments.

At Nutritech we are always expanding our services to meet our customer and
market needs. Please find our most popular services here.

• Supply of Raw Materials

• Custom Branding and graphic Design

• Product Formulation

• Production

• Packaging

• Bottling and Labeling

• Regulatory Submission

• International Documentation

• Small to Large Batch Production

• Powdering, Blending & Mixing

• Formulatio

• Formulation & Product Development

• Hard 2-piece Capsule Filling

• Tableting

• Softgels (Liquid and Oil)

• Liquid Extraction and Filling

• High Efficiency Intelligent Film Coating

• Solid Dosage Bottling and Labeling

• Blister Packaging

• Analytical Testing

• Microbiology Lab

• Export Documentation

Contract  Manufacturing Dosage Forms

Nutritech has many years of R&D experience specializing development of many Natural Health and  FDA approved dietary Supplement with various dosage form. Each product prepared with vary dosage form is selected according the its biological nature, bioavailability and economically availability.



Softgels have a gelatin or gelatin-like shell, surrounding a gel or liquid interior. They most commonly come in round or oblong shapes.


Easy to swallow

Available with enteric coating

Masks unpleasant flavours and odours

Best bioavailability

Protects best against contamination



Capsules are similar to softgels, as in they have an outside shell and an interior substance. Capsules have a hard shell ( gelatin and vegetable) , and either contain powders, dry ingredients or liquids ( with solfgel capsule) .


Most versatile product

Available in Vegetarian and Vegan formulas

Liquid filled capsules available (upon request)



Tablets are a harder dosage form compared to softgels and capsules. The exterior and interior of the tablet are the same.

1. Chewables – popular for children and adults alike, chewable tablets are meant to be chewed before consumption.

2. Effervescents – designed to be dissolved in a liquid, prior to consumption.

3. Film-coated – This standard tablet, is smoothed out and coated to ease swallowing and extend shelf life.

4. Enteric-coated –designed for delivery in the intestines, rather than the stomach.


Most popular product

Can customize to any shape and colour


Liquid supplements are a great way to ease administration of dosages.

1. Pure Liquids

2. Liquids with some dissolved solids

3. Syrups

4. Oral drops

5. Sprays

6. Tincture


Popular new trend Heat filling used – no preservatives required Excellent option to add to drinks and smoothies Easy to administer to infants and children



Powder preparations solid, loose, dry particles of varying degrees of fineness.

1. Bulk Powders – most popular for sports nutrition enthusiasts

2. Divided Powders – used for single dose preparations, most often served in a sachet.


Easy and quick additions to health care regiments Dissolve quickly into any beverage Can be sprinkled directly onto food Little to no taste when mixed with food or drink


Contract Packaging Options & Capacity

Nutritech Asia. recognizes that packaging and branding are just as important as the quality of the ingredients in each supplement. NutraLab is equipped with multiple packaging lines to suit your many needs. Our branding specialists are also available at all times to design labels, boxes as well as whole product branding exclusive to you and your product, meeting all NPN regulations and needs.



The most popular method to package supplements are bottles. With filling, and labeling done on premises, NutraLab’s bottling services are efficient and convenient.

1. PET- various colours and sizes available

2. HDPE – white and opaque

3. Glass bottles – twist cap or dropper.


Can customize size, shape and lid for all bottle types

Water proof, and light resistant



Blister packs are convenient and easy to use. Each pocket separates out does easily and effectively.


Ensure product protection against moisture and gas. This means a longer shelf life and maximum efficacy.


Cost effective – various sizes and/or multiples are available

Blister packs increase compliance with dosing schedules and help to ensure that your product is effective.

Child resistant and senior friendly solutions are available.



Sachets are a great way to separate out dosages for ease of use. Popular for single dose powders or pairing of multiple supplements at once.


Up to 5 different pills per sachet

Can fill with pills, powder or liquid

Perfect as samples or as pre-measured dosage packages.