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Pre-Mixed Ingredients

For nutraceutical, food, and drink manufacturers looking to save time and money, while increasing quality and efficiency, Nutritech Asia Group’s new ingredient premixes are the answer.

What are Nutritech Premixes?


Nutritech premixes are custom dispensed raw ingredient blends, which can contain two or more raw ingredients, according to formula specifications. All ingredients are meticulously dispensed according to formula amounts, thoroughly blended for a consistent mixture, and then granulated to ensure all ingredient granules are of identical size. The resulting mixture is finely milled, evenly blended, and ready to use immediately in manufacturing.


What are the Advantages of Nutritech Premixes?


Cut Down on Manufacturing Time

Reduce manufacturing times by up to 50% by skipping the dispensing and blending stage. Nutritech’s premixes are immediately production-ready, whether it is for tableting, encapsulation, or direct packaging.


Reduce Ingredient Sourcing Time

Nutritech is backed by over 20 years of ingredient sourcing experience, so we have longstanding business partnerships with frontline manufacturers worldwide. We handle all ingredient sourcing for you, so you save significant ingredient sourcing time, while taking advantage of Nutritech’s considerable economies of scale built over long years of experience.


Nutritech stocks over 1,000 ingredients in its international warehouse, for rapid delivery of any premix formula.


Reliable, Traceable Ingredient Sources

All of Nutritech’s ingredient suppliers are vetted against strict quality control guidelines, with full QC analysis and traceability for each and every raw ingredient used in our premixes. This means full reliability in the final ingredient mixture, which also undergoes an extensive series of chemical, physical, and stability analyses before release.


Increase Manufacturing and Warehousing Efficiencies

Nutritech’s pre-blended, pre-granulated premixes eliminate the need for additional dispensing and blending equipment and resources. Instead of dedicating facility resources to bulky blending machinery and warehouse space to storing raw ingredients, Nutritech’s premixes are immediately ready to use in further production.


The Extra Step – Granulation

Nutritech’s premixes undergo an additional granulation step, to ensure perfect consistency and granule size homogeneity in the final mixture. The added granulation step ensures smooth tableting and encapsulation, and is also viable for instant drink powders.




ONutritech premixes can be used for further manufacturing, or packaged directly, and are an indispensible asset to food, nutraceutical, and drink manufacturers.


Some applications include:

 • Tablets

 • Hard Capsules

 • Sports Supplements

 • Powder Supplements

 • Sport Drinks

 • Instant Drink Powders


To inquire about how Nutritech’s premixes can significantly speed up your manufacturing project, please visit our Contact page.